Some of the listed coaches work outside their counties on a regular basis, or run clinics that you can travel to with your horse. Call for more information and prices.]

Congratulations to Emma Malone who has recently become accredited coach! Also even more recently, congratulations to Derry Moody - the first guy in he UK to become accredited! 802 299 7121

* Indicates a non-riding coach (through either injury or age). Obviously these coaches have less experience (or less recent memory) of processing good feelings within their physiology, but they still understand the principles of biomechanics and good coaching.

The second table is in the process of construction, is not complete, and needs to be verified. It recognises that the coaches bring with them different qualifications and levels of experience, and have areas of special interest. Some are undertaking further training within other organisations as well as my own. All of us teach leisure riders and nervous riders, and some specialise more in competitive riders and various disciplines.

Accredited coaches UK


BERKS Peter Dove 07446 834694   Mastery      
CEREDIGION Ann-Marie Marek 07773 496226   Competence      
CEREDIGION Karin Major 07879 412469   Competence      
CHESHIRE Emma Malone 01829 720361   Competence      
CUMBRIA Janice Hutchinson 01539 624000   Mastery      
DORSET Lynda Davey 01202 470160   Mastery Mastery    
GLOS/OXON Mary Wanless 01993 831193   Mastery Mastery Mastery  
GTR MANCHESTER Laura Butler 0161 794 1023   Competence      
HANTS Lynda Davey * 07789 513206   Mastery      
HANTS Carol Boulton * 02380 473693   Competence Competence    
HERTS Hannah Griffiths 07824 825909   Mastery      
HERTS/ESSEX Helen Southwell 07445 204385   Competence      
KENT Jo Jepheart 07966 696943   Competence      
LANCS Helen Wain 01524 736606   Mastery Competence    
LEICS Vivienne Isaac 01509 880652   Competence      
NORFOLK Heather Cook 01493 369383   Mastery      
NORFOLK Nicky Donaghue 01328 856866   Competence      
NORFOLK Amy Craske 07766 244329   Competence      
NORTH YORKS Helen Lucraft 07867 804879   Mastery Competence    
OXON Olivia Pollard 0777 6236524   Competence      
OXON/BERKS Jo Szegota 07813 149054   Mastery      
ABERDEEN Dorothy Marks 01373 834103   Mastery      
SOMERSET Karen Whiston 01934 822914   Competence      
SOMERSET Sharon Dickinson 07771 628744   Competence      
SURREY Sarah Overington 07765548082   Competence      
SURREY Sally Ede 01403 824107   Mastery Competence    
SURREY/HANTS Jo Strange 07885 865091   Competence      
SUSSEX Amelia Wilbourne 01892 652653   Mastery Mastery    
SUFFOLK Tara Kusch 07969 436145   Competence Competence    
SUFFOLK Alison Wakelin 07717 7125743   Mastery      
WEST MIDLANDS Margaret Mitchell 07836 334357   Competence      
W MIDLANDS,BUCKS DerryVilcans-Moody 07971 599909   Mastery      
EIRE, BUT GIVING CLINICS IN UK Anna Gordon-Redmond see coaching Europe page   Mastery Mastery Competence  


Alison Wakelin BHSAI Training with Andrew McLean, Equine Learning Theory
Janice Hutchinson   Icelandic Horses + club and competitive riders
Lynda Davey BHSIT Competitive dressage
Mary Wanless BHSI Franklin Method L2 Competitive dressage and eventing, Equine Learning Theory
Karin Major BHSAI Feldenkrais Teacher. Club and competitive riders
Laura Butler BHSAI Club and competitive riders
Carol Boulton *   Riding School, Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning
Hannah Griffiths   Club and competitive riders, saddle fitter
Helen Wain BHSAI Club and competitive riders
Vivienne Isaac   Equine and human Shiatsu, Club and competitive riders, nervous riders
Olivia Pollard   Club and competitive riders
Heather Cook BHSAI Riding school + club and competitive riders
Katherine Walter BHSA, BHSIT,UKCC3 Club and competitive riders
Nicky Donaghue   Club and competitive riders
Helen Lucraft BHSAI Club and competitive riders
Dorothy Marks   Training with Phillipe Karl. Equine Chiropractor, Saddle Fitter.
Karen Whiston BHSI Affiliated eventing and dressage
Sharon Dickinson BHSAI Teenagers + club and competitive riders
Sarah Overington BHSII Affiliated show jumping + club and competitive riders
Sally Ede BHSAI Club and competitive riders, show jumping, equine healing
Jo Strange   Side Saddle instructor + club and competitive riders
Amelia Wilbourne BHSII College lecturer + club and competitive riders, riding simulator
Peter Dove   Club and competitive riders
Derry Moody UKCC Ll2, Cert Ed also an Equine Sports Massage Therapist
Emma Malone Equipilates Reg Trainer Franklin Method Equestrian Level 1 Educator
Helen Southwell College Lecturer Affiliated dresswage and showing, Equine Learning Theory