International Grand Prix Dressage Rider Heather Blitz

'We are currently in first place in the nation for Grand Prix horse of the year for all breeds in USDF. Our average is 72.4%. I owe it all to you!' Heather Blitz, international American dressage rider, who has ridden with me for the last 14 years. (See article 27 in 'Articles'.)

International Event Rider Lucinda Green

'At the beginning it felt so impossible and strange to my body, but the mirrors convinced me it didn't look as wrong as it felt. Then as I started to put the pieces together the response from the horse was undeniable and I knew I was on the right lines. It's so amazing, I have to have more!' - Lucinda Green, May 08

"My dressage has turned a real corner and awareness of what effect my body is having on he horse has been very helpful... Thank you for all that patience! I am still not your model pupil but at least a bit more aware!" - Sept 08