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Nether Westcote is situated on the eastern edge of the Cotswold hills, on the borders of Oxfordshire and Gloucestshire (off the A424 which joins Burford with Stow-on-the-Wold, and 4 miles from Kingham train station, which connects with Paddington station in London, and with Heathrow airport).

mw3.tif (375276 bytes)The property comprises 15 acres in total, and has an indoor barn which houses 10 horses, offering five stables (12 foot x12 foot) on each side of a central aisle. These stables are used by Karin Major who runs Overdale Livery Services. The same building has six outward looking stables (12 foot x 10 foot) which are used for our school horses and for shorter term equine guests, whether they be horses who come on courses, or horses who come to us for training. We have 24 hour supervision on site, and enough grazing that livery horses can be turned out for a portion of most days, weather permitting. Our ground drains very well, but anyone who has lived through any of the recent winters in England knows that this alone does not enable it to survive the onslaught! Hence we limit winter turn out, sacrifice small areas of ground, and manage our grazing with our long-term goals in mind.

Some of the horses who come on courses can be kept in small paddocks as opposed to stables (see booking form), and stabled horses can be hand grazed in various parts of the property, or on the common just 50 yards away.

We also have a further 6 stables which are used on courses, and separate tack rooms for staff, for our long term livery owners, and for riders who come on courses.

The covered arena measures 22m x 67m... in other words, it’s big! The surface is silica sand and rubber, which is proving extremely durable and good to ride on. The windward sides are protected by high banks, and by screens of Galebreaker netting. This makes for a much more light and pleasant atmosphere than one has in most arenas that are completely enclosed. It also avoids the cold-in-your-bones wet/damp chill that inhabits those arenas in winter, or the sauna-effect that heats them up and makes them so sweat-inducing during summer. The arena is not a spooky place – the horses seem to like it in there, and one has many of the benefits of riding outdoors without getting soaked, blown away, or frazzled by the sun! The arena works well at all times of year, and during summer sunshine its structure creates an absolutely delightful atmosphere. The arena now has mirrors running the whole length of the far short side - a great help for comparing how you look with how you feel!

A lovely feature of Overdale is our workshop room, which we use for dismounted teaching and for bodywork sessions. The workshop room has a mine of useful information displayed all over its walls, and is a lovely space in which to relax with friends (but you have to take your boots off!) It is the venue for bodywork sessions, and Karin Major, who is a qualified Feldenkrais Teacher, offers Awareness Through Movement and Functional Integration. These sessions have proved immensely helpful to people with movement restrictions or pain, and also to those who want to streamline the way their body operates and to maximize their learning.

mw4.tif (375276 bytes)Overdale and Nether Westcote both have stunning views of the Evenlode Vale, and are surrounded by countryside which offers safe, interesting hacking, both on small country lanes and on the many bridlepaths. One local farmer allows horses on parts of the 650 acres which he has set aside as a wildlife sanctuary, and many of our shorter rides cross his land. One enormous field is a fantastic setting for interval training. Using the bridle paths, it is possible to ride for hours barely touching a road, and with fabulous views in all directions. This is a great rarity in England, and our area is perfect both for pleasure rides, and for fittening work – whether this be aimed at eventing or endurance riding.

Between them, Nether Westcote and Church Westcote (seperated by only a few hundred yards) have a population of several hundred. There is no shop – the nearest one is about two miles away. However, the Westcote Inn (a magnificent reincarnation of the New Inn - much larger, and now with wonderful views from the restaurant and garden) is just a few minutes walk away. Most course participants have their evening meal there, although there are other good pubs within a short drive.


mw2.tif (375276 bytes) The Cotswold View Guesthouse (pictured here), and the cheaper accommodation offered by local families are all just a few minutes walk from Overdale, so the needs of our guests are well catered for!

Hotel accommodation is available within a short drive.





Stow-on-the-Wold and Burford (4 and 7 miles away, respectively) are fascinating little towns, with beautiful old buildings constructed of our local Cotswold stone. Between them and the local villages there are fabulous pubs and restaurants which offer everything from good pub grub to haute cuisine.

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Karin teaches local people on site, both on their own horses and on our school horses, using the ‘Ride With Your Mind’ approach. We also have several ponies, and give lessons for children.