These before and after photographs were taken within the rider’s first lesson!

A quote from the rider: ‘Years a go my friend and I got together and bought Mary Wanless’s ‘Ride With Your Mind’ videos, and studied them together. Then I recently heard her work discussed during the Biomechanics module of the ‘L’ (learner judge) programme, and discovered a clinic running locally (in Atlanta, GA). I knew she would be able to help me become more connected, centered, and aware of myself and my horse. She did exactly what I expected, I had so much fun, and I’ll be back for more!’ The horse is a home bred, 4 year old Quarter Horse/Belgian Draft cross mare, who reponded really nicely to the changes in Nancy’s riding biomechanics.


A quote from the rider: ‘With 50 years of ingrained bad riding habits, I had turned a beautiful horse with a good outline into something resembling a camel! I had dipped into a few RWYM books from time to time seeking solutions, then I took some RWYM lessons which became available with a local coach. Last year I was ‘brave enough’ to attend two courses at Overdale. The courses were wonderful. The ‘after’ photo shows that with RWYM you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!’ These photos show how changing the rider’s balance from behind the movement to a more ‘kneeling’ position has changed this lovely 12 year old thoroughbred mare.


I started riding 50 years ago, but only with RWYM did I finally begin to truly approach the horse and my dream. The inner depth and mindfulness that I now experience with each horse is completely different than all my previous riding. I now can build forever toward a close meaningful relationship with the horse. Thank you for opening up my mind and experiences!