Changing the world for horses –
one human at a time

“The way you sit has a profound influence on your horse, and for each little change that you make, he changes too.

Learn how this works and you’re both winners!”

Mary Wanless

Wherever you are on your journey with horses, we can help you become more skilful, feel safer, be more ethical, and have more fun.

Dressage Training TV  is a non-profit organisation. We want the profit to stay with you and your horse. We offer you road maps, and we are the guides and signposts (the feedback that keeps you on track) throughout your learning. You travel this path alongside a community of like-minded others, sharing insights and cheerleading for each other. 




We put you ‘in the know’ as you get to discover what your horse already knows about you – and in case you hadn’t guessed, this is so much more than you know about yourself!

A gift for your horse

The greatest gift that you can give your horse is to be in balance with his every move.

When you cut out the ‘white noise’ in your sitting, find the ideal balance point, and support your body weight well, you change his life for the better. You also become a ‘good dancer’—the leader and the choreographer of the dance that you do together. And you can do it with light, ethical communication.

Why Ride With Your Mind?

Muscles are foot soldiers who can only do what the brain tells them to. Furthermore, your brain determines how much you notice, and building your noticing skills is a big part of the learning process. 

Over time, you learn the cause-effect relationship between your body and your horse’s body, building the ability to influence his movement with invisible aids.

You learn to hold a clear intention, and we help you discover what you need to focus on to get there. (Spoiler alert: it might not be what you expect!) This profoundly influences the moment-to-moment outcomes that you and your horse create together.

You can develop the A, B, Cs of how horses learn and become a skilled horse handler in our Groundwork Certification.

Then your horse will have a refined understanding of the aids and you will be able to focus on developing the skills that combine to create talent in our Rider Biomechanics Certification Programme.


Become a super learner

Few people leave school or college knowing how to learn.

The learning journey we offer is a guided exploration. Metaphorically speaking, skill develops as you peel the layers of an onion, and with each layer you peel, riding reveals more of its secrets. You probably already realise that it’s not possible to get there by simply cutting the onion in half!

As you peel each layer, ‘talent’ becomes less of a mystery, and its hidden skills become learnable, step by step, layer by layer, in bite-size chunks.

We are careful to introduce you to the A, B, Cs in bite-sized chunks so that by the time you sit in the saddle to explore, you are clear on what to do, how to do it, and what to expect as you progress. And, of course, our coaches are on hand in the forums to review your videos.



Becoming a super-learner

Rider Alignment – Be responsible for your weight

Match Forces

Move with the horse – get still

Effective Leg Aids


Puzzle Pieces

Walk-Halt Transitions

Halt-Walk Transitions

Rising Trot Mechanism

Problem Solving


Interface – Explanation and Exploration

Back/Front Plane

Up/Down Plane



Walk Trot

Moving on ...

Follow focussed courses online:

The Seeking Reflexes

Collection and Impulsion

Steering, Straightness, Sideways

Revisit The Basics